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The Roots Bring ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Up To Speed With A Recap Rap On ‘The Tonight Show’

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The Roots Bring 'Game Of Thrones' Fans Up To Speed With A Recap Rap On 'The Tonight Show'

Last Sunday, HBO’s Game Of Thrones returned with its sixth season, treating an anxious fanbase to all of the dragons, gore and melodrama they can bear. But for those that missed the opening tick of GOT‘s new season or just want to pick up where the show’s currently at, the mighty Roots crew has got you covered. Last night on the The Tonight Show, The Roots took up the task of cooking up some recap raps of the last season, delivered by none other than Black Thought, to which the Roots offered a very funky JBs-inflected accompaniment to put a little bounce in your step as you catch up on your favorite fantastical not-just-TV show.

As someone who simply can’t take GOT seriously and generally averts his eyes and ears anytime it comes up in discussion, even I was able to get a kick out of this thing. You can watch The Roots bust a recap rap of the last season of Game Of Thrones down below. If you’re not looking to rely on the legendaries for your GOT spoilstune into HBO on Sundays at 9PM.

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Watch Common & Ice Cube Perform “Real People” w/ The Roots Live on The Tonight Show

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Common, Ice Cube, Tonight Show

Wow, real big hip-hop moment right here. With Ice Cube and Common’s movie Barbershop: The Next Cut hitting theaters this Friday, they’re going hard on the promo trail. Two weeks ago, we got to hear these two hip-hop legends hook up for the film’s soundtrack cut, “Real People” – and now Common and Cube bring the energy right to your living room with this Tonight Show performance of the aforementioned track with some help from The Roots. Great to see these brothers aging gracefully with the music and spreading that positivity.

As if that wasn’t enough, as an added bonus Common gives us this gem. During Common’s interview with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy goads Common into showing off his well known b-boy skills, and put on a breakin’ display. The Roots set things off with the “Apache” beat and Common goes to work – watch it below.

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Watch Alessia Cara Perform “Wild Things” Live on The Tonight Show

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Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara’s rise continues. Two nights ago, she won a Juno Award for ‘Breakout Artist of The Year’ in her native Canada, and now tonight she’s already back for her second performance on The Tonight Show (yeah, and she’s still just 19). This time around, Alessia performs her latest Know-It-All single, the rebellious track “Wild Things.” Watch Alessia (and a portion of The Roots), perform it live on The Tonight Show, below. Know-It-All is in stores now.

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Kanye West, D’Angelo, The Roots, Andre 3000 + More Paid Tribute To Phife Dawg At The Apollo

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A Tribe Called Quest Celebrates The 25th-Anniversary Of Their Seminal Debut 'People's Instinctive Travels...' LP Live On The Tonight Show With The Roots.

Phife Dawg’s Tribute At The Apollo Was A Wake But Also A Family Reunion For Hip-Hop

Hip-hop came out in force to pay respects to Malik Izaak Taylor AKA Phife Dawg at an Apollo tribute organized by his family, management and A Tribe Called Quest bandmates tonight. Busta Rhymes brought the room to the verge of tears with his remembrance of how his “big brothers” in Tribe, saying of the way the group embraced him when he was unknown and didn’t always have a place to stay, “they always let me in.” The musical high points of the evening we a surprise appearance from D’Angelo who flew in from tour stops on the far side of the world to sing “You’ve Got A Friend” with a little help from The Roots. The Roots also backed Angela Winbush who had the whole house singing along with “Angel” before Black Thought paid a fititng lyrical tribute to the 5 Foot Assassin. KRS-One, who Phife always named as his favorite MC dedicated a roof-shaking rendition of the BDP classic “Still #1.” Figures from the world of sports showed love in the form of pre-taped messages as well, including Chris Webber and Scott Van Pelt, while Beats, Rhymes & Life filmmaker Michael Rapaport shared a montage of Phife cameos and candid moments.

The most striking thing about the night, perhaps, was the extent into which the entire event turned into a town hall, revival meeting and family reunion for hip-hop. In many people’s lives the loss of one you depended on, even took fro granted becomes a wake up call, a life-changing reflection point. Based on the love and respect he inspired tonight, it is not an exaggeration to say Phife’s loss has prompted such an epiphany for all of hip-hopKanye West felt moved to share how much Tribe had meant to him saying in an emotionally pitched, spontaneous speech “whatever I do wrong, blame Tip and Phife ’cause Tribe raised me.” He also contrasted the influence and inspiration the assembled innovators brought to the world with the wealth of the Hollywood and music industry elite who have often profited from it, saying “I see so much power in this room.” He wasn’t wrong. Lauryn Hill, Dave Chappelle, LL Cool J and Chuck D (who spoke as well) were all in attendance as well as the expected Native Tongues family like Queen Latifah, Leaders Of The New School, Dres from Black Sheep and members of De La Soul and Jungle Brothers. Hip-hop godfather Grandmaster Flash was moved to say a few words as well and in one of the evening’s most jaw-dropping moments, Andre 3000 paid his respects and revealed that a joint Tribe-OutKast album had been in the works before Phife passed, telling the story of how he and Big Boi literally got their deal by rapping over “Scenario” for L.A. Reid. He was there, too. Redman, Black Rob, Pete Rock…the list of those who came to show their face and pay their respect goes on and on. But of course the most moving speeches came from Phife’s brothers Q-Tip, Jarobi and Ali Shaheed Muhammad who used the moment to speak earnestly to the power of love, both in the abstract and in the small gestures of family and friends. The entire event capped of with Phife’s long-awaited J Dilla-produced single “Nutshell.” There will be much more to say about this in the hours and days to come, but for now all we can say is, Wow. Scroll down to check some of the night’s most emotional, hair on the back of your neck stand up highlights as captured in social media.

“Anything I ever did wrong, blame Tip and Phife because y’all raised me” -#KanyeWest

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#dangelo singing “You Got A Friend” at #phifedawg tribute….nice

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The Roots tribute to Phife.. Apollo Theater

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KRS freestylin 😩🙌🏾❤️

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Throwback Thursday: Watch A Tribe Called Quest & The Roots Freestyle On Lorna’s Corner

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I can’t think of a more fitting early morning Throwback Thursday. While we continue to mourn the loss of the late great Phife Dawg, let’s take some time to celebrate some of the beautiful art Phife left us with. A great example of this would be this 1995 freestyle with The Roots. Maybe you’ve seen it before, maybe you haven’t, either way it’s more than worth revisiting. The clip features The Roots and A Tribe Called Quest freestyling on Hartford, Connecticut public access show, Lorna’s Corner (aired in 1995). Rahzel handles the beatbox as Consequence sets things off then hands the mic over to Black Thought, before Phife closes things out – classic ish.

H/T: The Key

Earlier today, A Tribe Called Quest made an official statement on Phife’s passing, you can read that below. R.I.P. Phife.

Our hearts are heavy. We are devastated. This is something we weren’t prepared for although we all know that life is fleeting. It was no secret about his health and his fight. But the fight for his joy and happiness gave him everything he needed. The fight to keep his family happy, his soul happy and those around him happy, gave him complete and unadulterated joy… until he heeded his fathers call.

We love his family his mother, his father, his son, his wife, his nieces, his family here in New York, Atlanta, California and Trinidad.

Thank you for the outpouring of prayers and support from the fans, fellow artists, music outlets, blogs, radio stations, DJ’s, social media and the music community at large. This too is part of his joy and means a lot to him. His family is overwhelmed by the support, well wishes and are thankful. His music and what he’s contributed is seismic and hard to measure. He’s affected us as much as he’s affected all of you. We’re inspired by his daily joy and courage. He wasn’t in pain. He was happy.

We take comfort in knowing he will be beside his grandmother.

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